The centre was built to help our customers workshop strategic business challenges, helping them identify solutions and road map how they might be realised.

Using a carefully structured 5 step brainstorm process, Co:Lab employs disruptive and cognitive thinking to create a discovery and realisation journey. The journey is supported by cutting edge interactive digital technology (designed and built by Platform) to guide and capture the thinking of the day.

Co:Lab brings together the best analogue and digital tools in a multi zoned environment that is tailor made to help you think differently, ensuring that your day is both enjoyable and productive.

It can be used as a tool to workshop any business challenge.

Co:Lab is used:

  • By our customers at early stages of project innovation.
  • To understand how digital can be used as a state of the art ideation tool.
  • To gain insight into how digital can be used as a powerful medium for transitioning sales teams from a transactional to consultative mind set and, ultimately, to a collaborative one.