A space for new ideas

It’s important to allow room for intelligent and inspiring design.

But there’s no point searching if we’re not sharing. Exciting workspaces and interior designs thrive in a place inclusive to everyone, so here are our findings, and if they’re to your interest follow through in the links provided!


Our thoughts –  Lego expands their product to cater for the designers! The minimalist white bricks and branding could give that much needed ease when ‘working’ with lego, maybe you’ll stop looking over your shoulder for bosses prying and secretly wanting in on the fun too.

Link – http://shop.lego.com/en-GB/Studio-21050


Dyson Airblade Tap

Our thoughts –  These taps would instantly bring any restroom to the future, Dyson are pioneers in their craft and perform consistent throughout. The simple design allows it to comfortably sit above any basons and below all mirrors, a truly great product.

Link – http://www.dyson.co.uk/hand-dryers/airblade-tap.asp



Our thoughts – We love Arper for its style and elegance, although Arper is a premium brand the quality of the craftsmanship reflects this. Their products really help to enhance a space.

Link – http://www.arper.com/en



Our thoughts – Bolon are at the forefront of commercial flooring, a great alternative to carpet and a company that continues to innovate their product.

Link – http://www.scp.co.uk



Our thoughts – We specify Hay products for their classic Danish look and feel, furniture that stands the test of time as design trends evolve.

Link –  http://www.hay.dk



Our thoughts – We specify MOOOI for their edgey and pushing the boundary design. Great for feature pieces, we especially love the Marcel Wanders influence and design.

Link – http://www.moooi.com



Our thoughts – Modus supply very good quality alternative Office furniture, setting you aside from the run of the mill look and feel.

Link – http://modusfurniture.co.uk


Dare Studio

Our thoughts – These UK based furniture designers are on point with current design trends, simple design and using natural materials.

Link – http://www.darestudio.co.uk



Our thoughts – We use Muuto for the their great looking furniture pieces that are functional and have a very reasonable price tag!

Link – http://www.muuto.com


Rockett st George

Our thoughts – A huge range of good looking contract wallpapers and accessories that really help to transform a space.

Link – http://www.rockettstgeorge.co.uk


Soulful Creative

Our thoughts – We came across these guys at 100% design this year, it’s so refreshing to see free-hand bespoke and innovative artwork being produced for commercial spaces – talented designers!

Link – http://www.soulfulcreative.co.uk