HCL Technologies

After creating a Customer Experience Centre in Delhi for HCL Technologies Platform were asked to create tablet virtual CECs running a lite version of software applications available in the centre so that different tiers of customers who weren’t able to visit the CEC in person could still get to experience a taste of what made it special.
The tablets needed to operate a slimmed down suite of software designed to accommodate the tablets functionality and screen size yet still create a smooth flowing customer interaction.
Using custom software designed by Platform the tablets are used by sales teams remote from the CEC in Delhi. The software mimics a lot of the interactions that take place in the CEC but holds a few cards up its sleeve to entice customers to make the journey to Delhi.
The virtual CEC allows sales teams to engage with prospects on the road and in pre-visit scenarios where they want to encourage potential customers to come to the centre in person. Future iterations will generate a dashboard of sales interactions so that sales managers can understand more of how their sales teams are performing.

Brand, Customer Experience Centre, Digital, Strategy