Lexus Touring Exhibition & App Development

Coals to Newcastle. Ice to the Eskimos. How about selling Japanese luxury cars to the Germans? That’s what Lexus asked us to do when they asked us to create a series of events for them in what is traditionally BMW, Mercedes and Audi territory.

We decided the key to Lexus’ success in this market would be to focus on the customer and their lifestyle, rather than the traditional German priorities of performance, prestige and technology.

Lexus Live, our 2,000 metre square brand touring experience, offered the German public the chance to experience Lexus first hand, both as a brand and driving experience. Visitors were immersed in the luxury world of Lexus, where staff lived the promise and the customer was the star.

During five events in two cities, sceptics became advocates as they responded to a brand that put them at its heart, rather than the car. With over six thousand visitors, Lexus Live exceeded all expectations.

Lexus Brand, People, Spaces