Vodafone Qatar Customer Experience Centre Design

The main objective of the CEC (Customer Experience Centre) was to bring Vodafone to life for the premium sector in Qatar. It needed to provide a contemporary and interactive facility to showcase Vodafone products and services for the Enterprise and B2B sales and service teams. It also had to provide the environment and tools for the Vodafone team to interact with their customers, identify challenges and find solutions in the heart of Doha.

Platform travelled to Doha to undertake workshops with the key stakeholders to create the customer experience template, identify propositions and take outs and generally establish what ‘success’ would look to the client team.  As the design developed Platform refined and visualised the interior and created a graphic look and feel to be used in environmental branding and user interfaces.

Alongside this work we monitored and reviewed budgets, made hardware recommendations, assisted with operational models and advised the client on Capex and Opex models.

Platform created a centre where the visitor is taken on a journey through five presentation areas where they can explore the Vodafone Qatar brand, products and services through a seamless interactive experience. The heart of this is a large interactive table. The top ten high end phones and tablets are displayed so that the customer can fully explore multiple layers of content including product specifications, promotional films and tariffs. By using object recognition, the customer can discover the Vodafone offer intuitively by placing tagged objects onto the table surface.

The CEC in Qatar is an exciting place where Vodafone can help companies grow, where business leaders can actively participate and uncover opportunities generated by new technologies through a tailor-made, interactive journey. It has helped Vodafone Qatar deliver a truly differentiated experience for their business customers.

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