Sky Skills Studios


Working with RPM and Engage Productions to build a learning centre for kids to immerse themselves in a behind the scenes look at what its like to be in a real news room


Create a fantastic centre to bring kids of all ages, using cutting edge technology from real broadcasting and integrate it with a structured educational program.

Sky Skills gives kids the chance to learn from start to finish how to create, edit and produce their own documentaries

The space gives children and introduction to the art of broadcast production.

Split into 4 teams the children adopt various hands on roles in mini studios using authentic equipment, resulting in a piece of documentary footage.

It gives them in Sky Skills words,

  • A behind the scenes tour of Sky Studios
  • A hands on learning experience at Skills Studios where students will create their own television report
  • A chance to work with our team of experts and cutting edge technology
  • A screening of your video on the day and an online link to watch and share the video after your trip

Sky Skills reaches out to schools across the country to provide a truly amazing fun and educational day out for kids and teachers alike.

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