The Platform Sales App Design & Development

The Platform App is a suite of applications that structure enterprise client discussions from understanding business drivers to showing solutions in a new, highly interactive and innovative way.

The suite helps your client facing team structure their face-to-face discussions using a tablet or Ipad. The tailored Platform Sales Apps take the client on a journey from discovering and prioritising their ‘pain points’ or business drivers to demonstrating potential solutions that you have available, based on their input.

The Apps will compare inputs from your other clients in a specific sector and will have the capability to show relevant testimonials and video collateral to help correctly position your offering. The Apps not only make your business look and feel different from your competition, they ensure that your team consistently follows your proven sales process. We’ll also give you a dashboard App to allow full visibility of the client penetration per team member and their hit-rate conversion.


  • The interactive sales approach helps differentiate you from the competition
  • The customer is fully involved with their own ‘customer journey’
  • The Suite structures the sales process and ensures that the right solutions are presented
  • The client develops a series of next steps and actions during the visit
  • The suite can be tailored to your business and use existing collateral
  • A management dashboard offers high visibility of client penetration and sales effectiveness
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