Vodafone Glasgow offices – Winner British Council For Offices 2016

Vodafone are leading the way in the concept of new and Better Ways of Working, creating a more energy efficient, low waste, flexible workplace that helps get more out of a space and in turn improves work life balance for its staff. Platform were commissioned to help realise this concept In Vodafone’s Glasgow offices.

Central to the design methodology was the need to create an inspirational workplace infused with an energy that built community, removed hierarchy and encouraged collaboration. By creating inspirational spaces, the workplace would actively encourage employees to be innovative, efficient and professional. The environment was to offer variety of spaces to meet the needs of both the team and the individual whilst developing interpersonal relations and social interactions.

To eliminate the traditional office environment which is based on a static and insular model by encouraging movement around the workplace through shared work spaces and collaborative areas. All elements of the design were to support mobile working from the Tea Point through to Locker areas. A variety of meeting areas are provided to cater for different sized groups from the individual iSpace and small Huddles to larger Pods and rooms offering complete video conferencing facilities.

Movement within the workplace has enabled employees to develop greater interaction with their colleagues. The choice of Collaborative Spaces encourage team building and a relaxed working atmosphere. From the outset, enhanced social spaces have resulted in employees adapting to the fluid working environment as well as taking on a sense of responsibility and ownership for their innovative tailored place of work.

Photography Credit: Overbury/SG Photography.

Vodafone Spaces, Strategy