Platform were asked to design a space that related to the O2 as a premium live entertainment venue & to cater for a variety of audience demographic. 


Platform understood the need to treat VIP’s as the stars & designed the space from an artist’s perspective as a backstage journey experience. 


New 8-metre high stage doors signal the entrance & start of the journey through to the newly refurbished Lounge.

Platform arranged the space into smaller more flexible areas in the form of Lounge snugs & added a 1st Floor gantry level to increase capacity.

A feature back wall displays a full height rope wall, reminiscent of theatre sets, with concealed colour changing lighting.

Layers were built into the design with stories to be investigated & enjoyed – bespoke designed wallpaper made from backstage passes of iconic performances / 21 purple bar stools referencing the number of dates Prince played / large format photographs illustrate the artist riders requested in their dressing room.

The use of high quality materials & bespoke designed elements give the Lounge a premium feel. 


The Lounge provides visitors with a unique backstage experience, with elements to discover on each return visit – delivering a quirky, exciting & engaging pre & post show adventure.

Photography: Jim Stephenson