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Chatham House



Chatham House is a renowned British think tank and non-profit organisation. It is known for its research and analysis of international affairs, geopolitics, and global issues. As part of their centenary celebrations, they asked Platform to help them share their insights into what the future holds.


Platform collaborated with Chatham House and Futurologists from the School of International Futures in a year-long project to build a view of the future in an interactive 3D world. The Futurescape London experience was designed to stimulate debate about the future of our cities over the next century.

Set in Piccadilly Circus Futurescape London was created following consultation with a mix of scientists, architects, designers, sustainability experts and trend analysts interested in building more positive urban futures.


Futurescape is a guided journey through four time periods, where users can dive into Chatham House’s research and thinking and experience a positive future of London, based around Piccadilly Circus.

2035 depicts an urban environment adapted to meet emission reduction goals and to serve people rather than commerce and cars.

2060 imagines a city adapting to rising sea levels, bisected by new canals that support water transport and floating venues.

2090 is an environment shaped by vertical farms, giant energy and lighting structures, new religious identities and flying ‘sky barge’ homes.

2121 is a world positively transformed by artificial intelligence.


Chatham House wanted to explore a positive look at how we will face climate, economic, technological and social challenges. Using their home, Piccadilly Circus, as the backdrop to change gives a thought-provoking look at what the next 100 years might offer. The digital experience has been incorporated into a physical exhibition shown in London and Athens.

“Everything featured in the Futurescape time periods either already exists or is in development. In that sense, all of it is highly achievable and plausible if society wants to make it happen."

Rose Abdollahzadeh, Managing Director of Research Partnerships at Chatham House.

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