Juniper Networks Madrid Workplace Experience


Outgrowing their existing office in Madrid, Juniper Networks came to Platform with the brief to create a more social, customer- centric space. 


The thinking was to define the space much more akin to the thinking in a hospitality project so, unlike a traditional office, it was designed to have a “Front of house and Back of house” separation of the space.

Many of the client conversations were of an informal nature so Platform designed a space that would enable these conversations to take place. Space was made for multiple activity areas to ensure all activities whether a quick catch up over a coffee, presentation or formal meeting were catered for.

The main T point and collaborative areas were situated in this central hub used by both employees and visitors helping to keep the space vibrant and occupied.


The injection of colour, local images and materials were subtly woven into the overarching brand design to give a layer of local flavour to the environment. This, combined with the front and back of house approach, creates a fresh and accessible workplace that brings customer and employee together in a more interactive and collaborative environment.


The multi- functional space gives all the activities required and provides both a customer focussed and efficient new show case workplace for Juniper Networks Madrid.