The O2 Priority Lounge (The Blue Room) Experience


To generate more footfall into the O2 Priority Lounge, day & night, pre & post show.

To create a fresh, memorable & exciting experience.

To deliver a scheme that goes above & beyond the expectations people have from their network provider.

To offer more perks & be more flexible.

To be better connected with their customers.

To feel exclusive but inclusive. 


Platform were appointed to investigate & develop both the Customer Journey experience & the full refurbishment of the lounge which was currently housed in a 10-year fit-out & was looking tired & out-dated. A new, more engaging environment was needed, both to keep existing customers & attract new. 


The existing lounge scheme was hiding an unused & previously unseen 8metre high space.

The proposed scheme uncovered & revealed the full volume of this space, exposing the existing structure & concrete slab. The extra volume enabled a new Mezzanine level to be incorporated, with it’s own bar serving the more intimate VIP areas.

6m high curtains were installed, with corresponding circular carpet areas & large lighting rings suspended above, creating different types of seating zones.

To attract & serve daytime users, a Kitchen table area was positioned near the entrance – serving as a Coffee Bar in the day & transforming into a Cocktail Bar at night.

Seated nooks were introduced for more private catch-ups with connectivity to act as touchdown tables.

Pieces of furniture were customized with one-off interventions for customers to discover not necessarily on their 1st visit.

The Mezzanine created clusters of seating with views over the Main Bar below. 


Like nothing else. Surprising. Exciting. Unique.