Royal Ascot Experience


Running over five days and welcoming over in 300,000 racegoers Royal Ascot is a much anticipated event. It is the most important week of the year for the hospitality team who employee more than 6,500 temporary catering staff working across the 100 bars and food outlets around the racecourse.


Making sure that visitors understand the different food and beverage options and where they are is key to the success of the event and the revenue generated during the five days.


Platform were approached to help improve the catering signage for Royal Ascot both from a directional and promotional perspective.


The first phase of work involved researching and mapping customer journeys to understand routes and opportunities for promotional messaging and wayfinding requirements. Combining directional signage and promotional messaging the creative team then set about designing a clear and stylish design system that was closely in tune with Royal Ascot’s elegant brand guidelines.


Platform produced design and artwork for over 50 individual signs ranging from directional, promotional through to individual menu designs. Provided with detailed location maps the signs were installed over a five day period prior. They also designed a pocket guide for each Enclosure which was given out to racegoers that acted as a location map and promoted key restaurants and food outlets.


Platform first worked with Ascot on the Royal Ascot in 2015 and were commissioned to carry out an audit following the event. They were delighted with an uplift in sales. Platform have subsequently worked with Ascot for 3 more years to help refresh and refine the catering signage as each year brings new venues, challenges and opportunities to what is always an event to remember.