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Siemens Congleton has built a deserved reputation as a centre of excellence in many areas. Recognising the need to work closer with their partners and customers to collaborate together to co-create new products, Siemens looked to create a Customer Experience Centre at its Congleton site.


Appointed after a successful creative pitch, Platform started the project by facilitating a series of workshops with key stakeholders to get under the skin of the brief, understand what the desired customer journeys and outcomes would be, and to agree the overall objectives.

We detailed journeys for a number of different customer types including sales teams, distributors, technical teams and researchers. Platform explored how the space and digital interactives within could take them through a journey that, firstly sets the scene and creates a foundation for the visit, moves through Siemens innovation story then, through a change of pace, enables them to look forward and innovate together.


Platform set about designing an interior space that would enable Siemens to tell their innovation story, showcase products and solutions and the tools to collaborate with clients. Siemens Customer Experience Centre takes its customers through four discreet zones, an immersive welcome projection, an innovation story, product innovation area and finally an area focused around collaboration. Here Siemens can present relevant assets through a touch screen interface designed and built by Platform enabled by a custom built content management system.


At the new centre customers can see how Siemens drives initiate productivity and innovation for industries across the world. Andrew Peters, Siemens Congleton MD, commented: "We are very proud of the ongoing success at Congleton, and this new Customer Experience Centre will help us to help many more of our customers, both existing and potential, around the world."

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