Schlumberger global forum Monaco Experience


Schlumberger, the world’s leading oilfield services provider were hosting their biennial global forum at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco. They required an engaging exhibition space housing 60 stands that enabled thought leaders to showcase their vision for the digital future of the oil and gas industry, whilst reflecting a new era of openness and widespread collaboration as defined within their DELFI environment software.


Platform were engaged by events management partner, Touch Associates, to design the exhibition space. The previous forum was set in a dark environment. Platform proposed to reverse this and create a light and airy space, which in turn emulated the new openness ethos.

Locating the individual stands within the 6 clearly defined business sectors would avoid a visual sea of exhibitors in a large open environment.


A simple and primarily white colour palette combined with a clever use of lighting and contemporary design differentiated the space from the previous forum.

Guests arrived at a welcome attractor, then transitioned along a Timeline to an impactful and encompassing ‘Storyboard’ wall formed of 5 large led screens, running beautiful digital content and providing an engaging backdrop for group presentations.

An undulating topographically inspired portal then pulled people through to the main expo space.

The 6 business sectors, each with their own unique and yet cohesive look and feel, radiated around a central hospitality hub showcasing the Platinum event sponsors.


An engaging and memorable space clearly differentiated from the previous years. Achieved through strong architectural forms with a simple and light colour palette.

It was a distinct move forward reflecting Schlumberger’s brand ethos of the openness of the industry and their DELFI software environment. Allowing for seamless collaboration, breaking down the boundaries and barriers that existed beforehand within the industry.