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The Ivy in the Lanes



Restaurateur Richard Caring, owner of Caprice restaurant group, wanted to bring the Ivy down to Brighton. Platform were chosen as the ideal design agency to take a disused post office and turn it into the top destination in the city.


We wanted to create a sumptuous palace of a space that would take the diner’s breath away. Somewhere that would be the talk of the town.


Maximalism to work needs a keen eye and a considered balance. The Ivy in the Lanes is over the top in every way, right down to the Ladies Powder Room in the basement. Every surface is filled with an eclectic riot of colour, with high-end opulent finishes and fabrics.


Recently ranked in the top five most Instagram-able restaurants in the UK, most likely for the fabulous Ladies Powder Room, The Ivy Brighton has been a roaring success. But don’t take our word for it, here’s some of the press:

“Good God, and you thought I got worked up about the interior design of restaurants (and one dear friend even told me to cool my sexy tile obsession in reviews). But the social feeds have been pumping out screaming admiration for the arrival of Brighton's The Ivy branch.

And if there was ever a toilet to be celebrated, then this is it. I can't vouch for the gents, but the ladies powder room, containing eight camera happy lifestyle bloggers at any given time, is something else.

There is nothing like it in Brighton, nothing.”

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