The Telegraph Mobile Event Space Experience


The Telegraph approached Platform looking for a re-usable event space that they could build at a series of UK events throughout the year. The space serves many different purposes; to enable The Telegraph to showcase their digital products on large touch screens, generate new and reward existing subscribers as well as for graduate recruitment. From a practical aspect the stand also needed to accommodate guests inside and out and to provide storage and a place from which newspapers could be distributed.

To be used at events such as Goodwood Festival of Speed and The Ski & Snowboard show the stand also had to be waterproof.


Platform needed to create a flexible space that could be expanded to each given floor space, fit with larger hospitality spaces and works as a standalone internal stand. The space needed to be a branded environment with a modern style and be built with natural materials. The interior elements of the stand were designed using a layering of spaced plywood to create a countertop and meeting table and storage space. LED lights recessed into the structure behind coloured acrylic panels highlighted the shelf recesses. This elegant unit was designed to fit inside an Airclad inflatable structure which itself was finished with a black powder-coated frame, white canvas and Telegraph branding.


This main unit has a small 10sqm footprint with a robust and elegant design that creates a standout presence. Its solid structure, whilst simple to build, feels like a permanent space which sets it apart from the many temporary and disposable structures. As well as being used on its own it can be used as part of a larger event stand such as at the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2018 where the structure formed just a small part of the 225sqm event stand designed by Platform that also a bar, customer seating and presentation zone.


The stand has been used at a variety of indoor and outdoor events as a retail space and customer hospitality space. It has been used for product launches to an internal audience at The Telegraph as well as at the Milk Round Graduate Show. The Airclad unit was selected as it is specifically designed and engineered to be rebuilt over and over again and overall its reusability and flexibility addresses the important issue of sustainability in the events and exhibitions sector.