Vodafone Global CEC's Experience


Vodafone were in search of new ways to connect with their enterprise customers.

The challenges of modern business were complex and transactional product sells no longer cut it.

Platform were tasked with creating a new digitally powered process of engaging with customers in a more co-creational way and building an environment at their UK headquarters in which to hold these conversations.


Platform developed a new form of customer journey using an innovation methodology which took customers on a disruption, discovery and ideation journey.


Utilising customisable software designed and built by Platform, hosts can bring customers into the centre and engage with them like never before, getting customers up on their feet and interacting with a large format multitouch digital video wall helping to define challenges and shape solutions in ways not possible before. The software is customisable with zero coding experience needed, the hosts can design and build new innovation journeys specifically for individual customers.


The concept has been hugely successful with NPS scores rising from 7 to 9 out of 10 on polls taken at the end of the customer visit and Platform are rolling out customer journey and software to other centres around the world and building a new VIP Customer Experience Centre in Qatar.

Photography: Jim Stephenson