Vodafone Oxford Street Store Experience


Vodafone retail wanted it’s flagship store in Oxford Street to have some differentiated special areas whilst retaining the DNA of the existing retail store design, to raise Oxford Street to a higher level of design and customer experience. 


The use of bold blocks of red in the floor and the stair which is the artery running through the store was used to highlight main areas. Reducing written information, using a cleaner typeface and wayfinding graphics helped the customer flow and decision making.

A large external LED screen over two floors acted as an attractor to the store and highlighted the multi level offer of the store.


A cleaner more contemporary design was introduced with pause point helping to accent the space. The ground floor was the main product floor to provide quick easy purchases for tourists.

The First floor included a repair bar, designated tech help area and event space.

The Lower Ground floor served as both a business and partner zone. Semi private consultation booths were designed. 


The effect is a better customer experience and higher quality environment fitting to a flagship store.

It provides distinct areas for the changing world of connection such as IOT area, more personal service areas and designated partner areas to promote Vodafone`s relationships with leading technical and app providers. A  more holistic shopping and advice experience within a new cleaner and sophisticated environment provide a worthy Vodafone flagship store to London’s busiest retail location.

Photo: Jim Stephenson