Vodafone Workplace Experience


To continue Vodafone's forward thinking ethos, and following the success of previous initiatives which included breaking down hierarchal barriers, removing fixed desks and personal offices, 'Better Ways of Working' looks deeper to the very heart of how people interact and collaborate. The new space was required to be as flexible and agile as the services they provide.

Platform were appointed to apply this concept across the 3 floors of Baird House at Vodafone's Newbury head offices.


Key trends were analysed and areas identified where the demands of the business and the needs of the individuals required the working environment to change and respond.

The nature of work itself is also changing with more complex, faster task switching and the need for agility. To be competitive requires increased collaboration, which in turn requires greater shared spaces in organisations.


Adapting 'Better Ways of Working' and applying it across entire the building has maximised the use of natural daylight with meeting rooms and a café positioned towards the core, forming a focus at ground floor level. Continual technical development reinforces an approach of ongoing improvement, sustainability and cultural change.


Spaces are designed so that informal social interaction is encouraged and there is continued focus on developing a working culture that respects everyone's working styles, personalities and needs.