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Magnetic workplace.

Securing top talent can be a competitive business advantage, devising ways to attract and retain an exceptional workforce can take up a lot of time. A new report offers guidance on how to make work environments into magnets for talent.

Human resource professionals claim that two of their top biggest challenges over the coming 10 years will be recruiting and rewarding the best employees (59%) and creating a corporate culture that attracts the best employees to their organizations (36%).

A workplace environment that is psychologically rewarding to the employees can do well to retain and attract talent. This is why it is important for employers to make sure they have a space that will keep their staff on site and happy and draw them back into the office.

This may include ensuring that the physical office has a pleasant atmosphere, good food, and also has a variety of spaces for people to work in. Making sure there are some quiet areas where employees can focus as well as more social spaces with more communal and active where they can be productive and interact with others. This kind of environment will help create an atmosphere which motivates employees, making them feel happier about their job and stay longer at work.

A magnetic office that promotes creativity and happiness should be something employers think about when designing their offices spaces in order to increase productivity, better retention rates.

How magnetic office design attracts (and retains) talent.

Candidates are drawn to well-designed offices whether they realise it or not, making design an important tool for talent attraction. Over 80% of people agree that visitors and clients judge a business based on its workspace, and 85% of Millennials are more inclined to desire positions at companies with well-designed workplaces.

American economist, Milton Friedman famously claimed that “the only purpose of a business was to make money for the shareholders – to pay dividends. That’s no longer enough, we require businesses to have a social conscious, we want the organisation they work for to be worried about the planet, to connect with the things their talent cares about, their values. And they want it to be a good employer to them.

Large tech companies like Facebook and Google have long been leading examples of workplaces designed to be magnetic to existing and potential new talent – but it’s not just for the Millennials: 79% of respondents, regardless of age, say that well-designed office environments would make them more likely to accept a position. In fact, poor workplace design can actively turn talent away, with job offers getting turned down based on overcrowding, tired look and feel, out-dated technology and lack of natural light.

Keep your employees happy.

Well-being in the workplace.

Here at Platform Group we have a proven track record in designing innovative and creative workspaces for companies of all sizes. There’s also been a great deal of research investigating the importance of well-being within the workplace and workplace happiness in large part comes down to creating the right culture. But when it comes to office design there are small things you can do that will help relax, motivate and keep your employees’ content throughout the working day, these include:

– Colour

– Furniture

– Features

– Lighting

In increasingly competitive battles for talent, good design can make a difference.

But more than generating an initial attraction, good workplace design retains talent by enabling the success of its occupants, and ultimately making that success sustainable. Good design is a visual commitment to wellbeing in the workplace, and an investment in the workforce that yields massive returns.

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