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Competitive socialising

In recent years, the UK's social and leisure industry has witnessed a fascinating evolution in consumer preferences. Traditional evenings spent in pubs and restaurants are increasingly being replaced by a new trend known as ‘competitive socialising.’

Platform has been working with a range of customers from large arena venues to pub groups to integrate competitive socialising into the design of hospitality spaces.

Our research has identified five ways of venues increasing their revenues through the introduction of competitive socialising:

1_Diverse Revenue Streams Competitive socialising venues create diversified revenue streams. Beyond entry fees, they can generate income from food and beverage sales, merchandise, private event bookings, and corporate team-building activities.

2_High Capacity and Turnover These venues can often accommodate large groups of people simultaneously, making it possible to have multiple bookings throughout the day. This high turnover potential significantly boosts revenue.

3_Repeat Business The fun and engaging nature of competitive socialising activities encourage repeat business. Customers return to try new games, celebrate special occasions, or compete with friends, driving sustained revenue for venues.

4_Ancillary Services Some venues offer additional services, such as themed events, and partner with local businesses to enhance the customer experience, creating more revenue opportunities.

5_Strong Online Presence Many competitive socialising venues maintain a strong online presence through social media and digital marketing. This helps in attracting a broader customer base and promoting special offers and events.

Conclusion Competitive socialising is becoming an integral part of the UK's entertainment and leisure industry. By offering innovative and engaging activities, venues are not only attracting a diverse customer base but also increasing their revenues substantially. As the trend continues to gain momentum, it is clear that competitive socialising is redefining the way people socialise and have fun while driving economic growth for the venues that offer these experiences.


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