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What’s more valuable? Buying experiences or stuff?

Experiences have the power to create lasting memories that we carry with us, moments that become etched in our minds. It's the magic of reliving that unforgettable concert or the heart-pounding excitement of a thrilling match.

In today's age of constant connectivity and social media, experiences go beyond moments, they provide us with stories to share. It's not just about doing cool things, it's about having stories to recount and pictures to post.

Studies point to a new era where experiences trump material possessions. The real status symbol today is the possession of unique or exclusive experiences. It's not just about what you own, it's about the stories you can tell and the experiences that set you apart in a crowd.

The trendsetters of our time, the younger generations including Millennials and Gen Z, are rewriting the script. They champion a shift in focus – they prioritise making memories, relishing life, and celebrating experiences. It's not just a passing trend, it's a lifestyle philosophy that resonates, marking a revolution led by the generations shaking things up. It's the experience-driven mindset, a shift towards a life enriched by meaningful moments.

Event spaces are leveraging the trend by making experiences extra special:

  • Exclusive packages: Think primo seating, private access, elevated F&B and cool perks to amp up the experience.

  • Luxury all the way: Spaces need to feel exclusive, high glamour and luxury. Somewhere with insta ready interiors that scream VIP.

  • Membership perks: VIP or loyalty programs dish out exclusive benefits, early event access, and personalised services for a loyal fan squad.

  • Private: Artists or teams can host VIP-only events – private concerts, behind-the-scenes tours, or cozy hangouts with influencers in glam surroundings.

  • Personalised TLC: VIPs love the personal touch, so smart venues offer concierge services, custom recommendations, and tailored experiences.

  • Limited editions: Exclusive products or services crafted just for VIPs – a touch of rarity and personalisation.

So, whether it's primo seats, exclusive events, or just that extra sprinkle of luxury, smart venues are turning regular experiences into unforgettable VIP adventures.

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