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Digitalisation in hospitality.

Digitalisation in the hospitality industry has been a rapid trend that has been expanding at a rapid pace. With the introduction of digital, many things have changed such as: bookings, reservations, and operations.

Digital apps in hospitality could potentially help solve some problems that are typically experienced by consumers when they go out to eat.

This is becoming a key aspect of customer engagement for restaurants and hotels. Examples of this can be seen through online reviews or social media mentions. This gives restaurants more insights into what their customers are thinking about them and how to best improve their services to your customer's satisfaction.

Younger users embrace this technology.

Most consumers have increased their use of mobile and online ordering for food and convenience items over the past year, with younger shoppers more likely to visit restaurants and convenience stores that have digital offerings. Younger customers nearly three times as likely to use mobile apps than those over 55.

Along the same lines, 63% of consumers aged 25-40 will frequent a restaurant or convenience store that has digital offerings more often than ones that do not.

Additionally, 44% of consumers in this age group have changed where they order food from because their usual place had subpar digital offerings. With more than 70% of consumers aged 18-55 stating that they are likely to increase how often they order from a store if their mobile app is easy to use.

“Restaurant and convenience store customers have rapidly adopted digital tools over the last year in order to safely interact with their preferred brands,” explains Britt Mills, Senior Director, Customer Experience at Mobiquity. “It comes as no surprise that younger generations of customers are more comfortable using mobile apps to order food. Our Restaurant and Convenience Store Digital Impact Report revealed that these consumers have built digital habits that will remain even as restrictions ease. It’s vital for restaurants and convenience stores to meet and exceed expectations when it comes to mobile apps to cement long-term consumer loyalty as competition grows.” Fifty-two per cent of respondents aged 25-40 changed where they order food from because another store had a better loyalty or rewards programme.

The 6 best ways a hospitality app can turn into more than a one-time transaction

#1 - Offering a Loyalty Program #2 Making it user-friendly and with an excellent UI #3 Designed with customised content per country/region #4 - Offering promotional codes or coupon code options #5 - Create an interactive experience #6Tracking customer habits and tailoring the content


Choose a creative partner that can provide the physical space and digital tools for your establishment.

Here at Platform Group we can design the perfect physical environment for hospitality, whether it be a restaurant, VIP lounge, bar or other places to entertain and serve customers. In addition we have the digital tools to build unique complimentary apps to enhance your customers experience and gain loyalty for your brand.

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