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Storytelling has dominated communications and engagement for the past few years. This is no surprise as for thousands of years humans have relied on storytelling to engage, share emotions, to relate personal experiences and to pass information on to the next generation.

Neuroscientists at Princeton have been studying the effect of stories on the brain*. They found when we hear facts, it activates the data processing centres in our brains.

However, when we hear stories, it activates the sensory centres in our brains. When listening to a well-told story, the same area lights up on an MRI in both storyteller and listener – creating a mirrored connection.

A great example is Airbnb /stories, a site where you can spend hours watching and reading real life stories of Airbnb accommodation providers…getting a real sense of the humans behind the hosts as well as showcasing their homes and cities.

We at Platform Group work extensively in B2B sales environments, content and digital interactivity. Recognising that creating a human connection for enterprise sales is just as important as it is in the consumer environment, we set out to find a way to enable our customers to tell stories. The result is Storyscape3D, a 3D environment that provides a flexible and engaging backdrop for telling your sales stories.

*Speaker–listener neural coupling underlies successful communication.

- Greg J. Stephens, Lauren J. Silbert, and Uri Hasson.

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