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Recognising the link between your working environment and customer experience.

Delivering solutions and services that your customers need to compete and thrive hinges on the creativity and commitment of your people. This isn’t an original idea and there are plenty of articles out there that have expanded on the theme.

However, it is especially true if you deal in complex, business to business products and services. Innovation, creativity and collaboration should be demonstrated outwards to your customers and encouraged inwards to your staff.

This must be done with conviction, and one of the best ways to do so is to create a working Customer Experience Centre (CEC) located within your offices or production facility.

For your staff, a CEC that is close to your operations will enable them to have the same enterprise sales experience as your customers. They can see physical evidence of your investment in new thinking and it will reinforce their belief in their organisation’s creativity.

For your customers, part of their journey will be seeing the ‘workings’ of the dynamic, collaborative company that’s going to deliver results for them. Belief will be reinforced by seeing that you practice what you preach.

Platform design and deliver CECs and workplaces for organisations worldwide. When they’ve been combined in one location the result has always been more than the sum of the parts.


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