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Tips for Creating Your School's Virtual Open Day.

Why You Should Host a Virtual Open Day

Virtual open days allow educational institutions to connect with more people and increase their visibility. It also allows them to target potential students without the trouble and expense of travelling. In a virtual open day, the school can have a video tour of the space, present courses, answer questions from prospective pupils and share information on upcoming events.

In order to make the best use of this opportunity, organizers should allow people from all over to attend. They should also ensure that there is an adequate level of preparation for this event by creating an informative website about their school's curriculum and courses.

How to Attract Visitors and Showcase Your School on a Budget.

The best way to attract visitors to your school is by making sure that you are offering something that is unique, and valuable. If you can't afford advertising, then create a blog or a social media account.

Always be creative and look at what other schools are doing in order to figure out what might work for your school.

The 5-Step Approach to Successful Virtual College Open Days.

Virtual college open days are a great way to give prospective students the opportunity to visit your campus without having to leave the comfort of their own home. It's especially helpful for those that may not be able to afford paying for a flight and hotel.

The five steps below outline the best approaches you can take to create an effective, low-cost virtual college open day:

Step 1: Create video tour of campus.

Step 2: Organize virtual tours through your dorm rooms and classrooms.

Step 3: Offer presentations from staff, faculty, and students.

Step 4: Give information on scholarships.

Step 5: Create online application form.


Use Social Media wisely at your College or School.

Social media is a tool that has the power to either enhance or harm your business. It can be used to get feedback, promote products, and build a brand identity. It can also be used to harm your business by promoting negative feedback or causing people in general to avoid it. By using free tools, you can control what is shared on social media and create an online presence that will benefit you in the digital world.

Social Media is a great way for businesses to get feedback on their products and increase awareness of their company.These free tools allows them the opportunity to share their content with a large following which could lead them into new opportunities. One of the most common complaints about social media is its ability to amplify negative things people say or share about your company or product.

Conclusion: Choose the Right Event Software to Host Your Own Virtual Open Day.

EventScape3D is one of the few platforms that enables you to take landmark buildings of your campus and turn them into a 3D world from which to access keynotes, workshops, talks, video conferences, broadcasts, video calls with faculties and a host of other content providing you with a fantastic, personalised experience of your university or college that your prospective students will never forget.

So, whether they’re prevented from attending by travel restrictions, cost, or conflicting diaries they get the opportunity to dive into a course, discover more about its contents and ask questions person to person before making their career or education decision.

EventScape3D is the perfect open day platform, book a demo and see for yourself here:


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