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Will your investment be a success? A strategic approach to workplace design.

“If you board the wrong train, it is no use running along the corridor in the other direction.” Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

In a post earlier this year I used an image which a number of people have asked me to explain in more detail.

The diagram shows, in simplified form, the process Platform uses to ensure success for our customers. Essential for your organisation, and very important for individual project leads and sponsors.

The Diagram

The spokes on the wheel represent trends or themes that are important to your business. These will vary depending on the client and project.

The target rings represent stakeholders. Because success means different things to different people, we work hard to identify all the key stakeholders.

The intersection of spokes and rings are the points where you can drill down into the issues that really matter.

The aim is to establish what success looks like to different parts of your business and to map the best way to get there.

The Process

So what’s the best way to herd all the cats into the same ballpark?

As a starting point, we aim to get you to Co:Lab©, which we built to help our customers workshop strategic business challenges, help identify solutions and map how they might be realised.

We run a bespoke 5 stage process:

  1. Disruption - introduction of macro scale megatrends allowing customers to create a vision of their future.

  2. Introspection - a 360 degree view of the challenges and opportunities faced by the business currently.

  3. Discovery - an exploration of best practices that exist outside of the customer’s landscape.

  4. Ideation - interrogation and filtering of themes to create a vision of what the future could look like for them.

  5. Mapping - gathering together the insights generated through the day to create a road map of time, importance, dependencies, stakeholders, barriers and influencers.

These sessions are informal and fun, but more importantly they create a strategic basis for your project to establish what success looks like.


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