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Your ideal Workplace Design.

The answer may be simple…but the questions are probably more complicated.

At Platform, we consider ourselves workplace experts, but that doesn’t mean there’s a magic formula that works for all.

Your workplace needs to be aligned with your company culture, your processes and team structures. It should be considered a business tool rather than just a necessary overhead.

In the trade press and media, certain buzzwords and trends are repeated endlessly to explain how your place of work can be transformed into the office of the future, motivating and empowering your staff along the way.

There certainly are ways to motivate and empower, as well as engender pride and increase efficiency, but not everyone (in fact very few of us) are Google. Which, in my opinion, is not necessarily a bad thing. One size doesn’t fit all.

So rather than telling you what your future workplace should be like, we spend a lot of time finding out what will work for you, what your business objectives are and how to engage your people in the process.

Also, stripping away some of the workplace hype, there are some really simple things to consider, as Neil Usher suggests in his blog “which aims to help us at least understand the phenomenon of work a little more”.

  • Daylight

  • Temperature you can control

  • A choice of spaces

  • Space (enough of it)

  • WiFi or a network that works.

  • Somewhere to put your stuff, with a lock on it.

  • Access to drinks and food

  • Sanitary sanity (decent ‘facilities’)

  • The opportunity to have an influence over the space

  • Colour

“All of these are possible, with a little thought and a little cash. Does your workplace have them? If not you’re probably below the poverty line. And you shouldn’t be.”


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