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Food producer apetito needed a new visitor centre. A place to share with customers the passion that they put into the creation of meals for the health and social care sector.


The Visitor Centre needed to be flexible and create distinct zones for various activities. The space had to be transformed easily as there are multiple group visits a day.


Guests start in a ‘Farmer's market’ where they have fun placing items with hidden RFID tags that trigger stories on a touchscreen. Behind sliding barn doors, is a high-ceilinged interactive space with a tasting room and demo kitchen. Flexibility is key - with a simple click, tables are raised to the ceiling, lighting and content changed and walls moved.

The dining room and demo kitchen are revealed behind a large, sliding timber door suspended from industrial black tracks. With exposed ceilings and two walls of interactive screens, this is an impressive space, that allows apetito at the click of a button to create different backdrops and environments suited to their visiting group. The demo kitchen and dining area can be separated by way of a folding wall creating two distinct rooms.


“The new centre allows us the space, freedom, and technology to bring our story alive in a way that we haven’t been able to before. The feedback we’re getting has been fantastic and we’re really looking forward to welcoming many more customers to our home in Wiltshire’.”

Chris Aston, Head of apetito Marketing.

Photography: Jim Stephenson

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