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The Samaritans: Tap to Donate



One of our clients is a volunteer for the Samaritans and is constantly seeking innovative ways to increase donations to the charity. He sometimes asks us to help….

In this instance he wanted to utilise existing lanyard hung, contactless payment devices in stand-alone retail environments, to maximise donations when the devices aren’t in use at staffed events.


We were happy to donate our design services and looked for a partner who could fabricate a housing in a sustainable way. We needed a simple, robust and eye-catching design that could be delivered quickly to benefit from the Christmas shopping rush.


We worked with our build partners Level Exhibitions to develop a unit that can sit on a desktop alongside a retailer’s till. The unit is made from birch faced ply with direct applied printing.

The ply comes from Level’s stock of off cuts, so is very sustainable. Level Exhibitions donated their time and all fabrication materials.


The units were delivered with 12 shopping days left before Christmas, and the Samaritans added to the launch with a complimentary gift wrap service. They’ll continue to be used in the New Year so if you see them while out shopping please tap to donate to a very worthwhile cause!

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