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Kingfisher GoodHome portal



Kingfisher wanted to create an intuitive digital platform, accessible to all colleagues across Europe, that could tell the strategic story of their new GoodHome brand, introduce new product launches, and keep everyone up to date on changes.


Platform used their 3D digital tool, Storyscape to create an app specifically designed to be used on colleagues’ own devices. Storyscape was ideal for Kingfisher, enabling real time, direct communication to all 77,000+ Kingfisher colleagues.


Using Storyscape we built the GoodHome house – a 3D home where colleagues can navigate around the rooms and explore products.

As well as self-explore content, there are guided tours to learn the key points of new strategies, brand launches or key projects and direct links to e-learning modules.

It is secure and provides insight for Kingfisher leadership and internal comms teams as they can see who have seen which messages. Finally, the portal is built on Platform Group’s content management system, making it is easy for content to be updated and added over time.


This way of presenting content is proving to be compelling with the average session length at over 20 minutes.

With a schedule of new content planned throughout the year the GoodHome House is contributing to their strategy of making home improvement accessible for everyone.

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