Kingfisher GoodHome portal Experience


Kingfisher has launched a new home improvement brand called GoodHome. It is designed to provide a new, simpler way of helping home improvers, their helpers and professionals. It will offer unique products and solutions that are design-led, high quality and well-priced, and help to make home improvement accessible for everyone. Kingfisher were seeking a platform, accessible to all colleagues, that could  tell the strategic story of the new brand, introduce new product and solution launches and keep everyone up to date in real time. 


Platform have developed a communications digital tool called Storyscape – a 3D communications tool for engaging and connecting with staff. Specifically designed to be used on colleagues’ own devices (mobile, tablet and laptop) it is ideal for reaching those that are not routinely online. Storyscape was ideal for the Kingfisher challenge, enabling real time, direct communication to 77,000+ Kingfisher colleagues across all their geographies.


In collaboration with Kingfisher, we built the GoodHome house for internal colleagues – a 3D home which provides the backdrop for all the GoodHome stories.  Users /colleagues can move around the house and explore new product and project launches from bathrooms to outdoors or can understand the strategic direction of Kingfisher. As well as self-explore content, colleagues are taken on guided tours to learn the key points of new strategies, brand launches or key projects. The house has key strategic messages, videos and customer insight on the mantelpiece and is a gateway to Kingfisher’s e-learning portal, so teams are up to speed on new launches and how to deploy in store. 

The portal is available in 4 languages (English, Polish, French and Romanian, the four key markets) and is easy to access and keep updated by any mobile device or a tablet, laptop or desktop. It is secure and provides insight for Kingfisher leadership and internal comms teams as to which teams have seen which messages. Finally, the portal is built on Platform’s content management system which means it is easy for content to updated and added over time. 


Launched in February 2019 and with content updates and expansions happening every month, the GoodHome portal has been an innovative and successful way of reaching Kingfisher colleagues globally across the Kingfisher. This way of presenting content is proving to be compelling with the average session length at over 20 minutes – users are coming to the portal via desktop, mobiles and tablets and staying!

Kingfisher have a schedule of new content planned for the rest of the year to keep people coming back and the Portal is contributing to the GoodHome strategy, helping to make home improvement accessible for everyone.