The Barber Club Experience


The Barber Club was a new brand formed by Dimitri Loizi, previously a partner of the UK's largest growing hairdressing group Rush.

Platform were asked to provide a more experiential men`s grooming experience in a heavily populated market sector in central Brighton. The budget constraints were a major challenge with a design, nucleus of a brand and fit out to be delivered for £40,000.

The design had to be unique, memorable, tell a story and have a link to the local location.


The client's original inspiration was formed by visiting many fashionable barbers and hipster bars in and around London. Although this was very much on trend, Platform wanted to provide a more radical design and experience that would stand out in the sector. A starting point was subversive culture and how this linked to the location. This provided the potential, principles and symbols that a brand and design could be based on.

Linked to these youth movements was the feeling of collectiveness and forming a tribe. This inspired the idea of providing a grooming experience that could also be a place to be with your friend or tribe by being part of the club. Hence “The Barber Club”


Platform were influenced by both Graham Green`s Brighton Rock and the famous stand off's between Mods and Rockers.

The design took the form of a dark club space with lightboxes over each cutting station with Pinkie's gang names. Vespa mirrors embellished the main cutting mirrors and tribal patches emblazoned the bespoke seating. Walls of leather belts and the use of Triumph motorcycle headlights as feature lighting were some of the touches related to youth tribes.

The customer is greeted with the offer of a beer or whisky from the feature bar rather than asked to take a seat for a cut. The basement extends this club feel with a lounge area with vinyl collection vintage video games to play. The space can be hired by a group to allow a relaxed club feel while you take turns to have your cut or beard trim.


The effect has been a great success for Dimitri and his team with other sites currently being secured for expansion.

The grooming experience, private club feel and cool gang referenced interior has cemented The Barber Club as a successful and stand out brand in the sector. 

Construction Management: Rocket Projects

Photography: Jim Stephenson