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The O2 Priority Lounge (The Blue Room)



The O2 Priority Lounge is a hospitality space at The O2 arena, exclusively available to O2 customers. They’d had it for 10 years and wanted to encourage more customers and go above and beyond their expectations of a network provider.


To be more relevant to their customers the space had to offer more perks, be more flexible, memorable and exciting. It had to be an inviting destination not just at night but during the day and offer spaces for every demographic.


We needed to balance a feeling of exclusivity, but make the space feel inclusive. We started by adding a Kitchen Table Coffee area at the main entrance to attract daytime traffic, which transforms into a Cocktail Bar at night.

The existing lounge scheme was hiding an unused and previously unseen 8 metre high space which we used it to create a new Mezzanine level with its own bar serving more intimate VIP areas.

The O2’s brand was used both subtly and overtly throughout with a repeated drumbeat of circles, bold graphics and shades of blue adding drama and excitement.


All O2 customers now have an exclusive space at the heart of The O2 to call their own. Somewhere exciting that makes them feel privileged and valued.

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