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Vodafone Oxford Street Store



Vodafone retail wanted to raise its flagship store in Oxford Street to a higher level of design and customer experience. It’s large store, sprawling over three floors, so a big part of the brief was to create better circulation and clearer roles for different levels.


We worked closely with Vodafone mapping customer journeys through the space and identified that the different floors needed clearer purpose. The ground floor would be the main product area for all those busy office workers and the first floor would have a repair and tech bar with a café to serve waiting customers. A business and partner zone with semi-private consultation booths would be on the lower ground floor.


The space became a more holistic shopping and advice experience within a cleaner, elevated environment.

To encourage vertical movement, red was boldly used on the floor and up the stairwell to pull traffic through the store. Large wayfinding graphics also helped the customer flow and decision making. Watching how people used the space we created ‘pause point’ seating.

A final flourish was the addition of an LED screen running the height of the façade that acts as an external attractor and highlights the multi-level offer inside.


Having distinct zones for the changing world of connection including a dedicated IoT zone, more personal service and a designated partner area was a game changer.

Photography: Jim Stephenson

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